We stay in a completely superior period. To have the ability to deal with such a work – the velocity, the standard, the customization – with a comparatively small funding is completely superb. Heck with previous-faculty engravers or etching – let’s use ANY font or design we would like!

Even cooler? We use the Tormach PCNC 1100 as an “enter system” or “coordinate measuring machine” to inform us the slope of the barrel. It’s an correct, free, and truly fairly quick method which helps simply mannequin any kind of geometry or taper, together with compound angles!

After jotting down measurements from the Tormach “CMM”, we mannequin up the barrel in SolidWorks, make a fast go of the CAM in SprutCAM, then machine the engraving on the Tormach!

A fast polish with a scotch-brite wheel adopted by some “hack” gunsmith chilly blue will get us to a darn good completed product!


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  1. Also when placing text, you can draw geometry that you can 'anchor' the text to.

    For example, you can draw a construction line and dimension it to where you would like the text to be placed. when you select the text tool, you can then attach the text to the geometry created by selecting the line within the 'curves' selection window. you can then for example center justify the text realative to the construction geometry too. this also works for curves etc.

    If you would like any tips and/or help regarding Solidworks. Message me, i'm more than happy to help :)

  2. Beautiful job, John. In the past, I've used center drills as engraving bits, but I've been looking for something with a more acute included angle. I'll have to check out 2linc.com.

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