I want a alternative half for our cheese cutter. First I tried to make it on the 3D printer however plastic is just not good for this objective so I determined to attempt carving them in aluminum on the Stainless OX CNC.

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  1. Gareth “Black Bear” Hall 2016 年 11 月 17 日 at pm 7:50 Reply

    I enjoyed your start to finish presentation, seeing the problem, the process, and then the end product.

  2. nice job man! i have a question, in my build i have a relatively cheap(70$) router as my spindle, and it has a usable rpm range of 15k-30k, do you think i would still be able to cut aluminum or do i need to get a better one? thanks!

  3. Du er jo en ostehøvlsmekaniker!! ????

  4. good job man keep it coming.

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