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Daishin Seiki Corporation is a number one supplier of prototypes to the motorsport business and focuses on technologically refined elements and 5-axis manufacturing. The Performance Racing Helmet was commissioned to have fun Daishin Seikis fiftieth anniversary. This full face helmet gained the gold medal within the prestigious Mori-Seiki Dream Cutting Contest 2009.

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  1. you must have a couple of Tb of memory for one program. just saving a program is costly, but better $ don't mean much when you got skills like that. amazing work you do

  2. Is a large Machine Shop called a Machine Supermarket?

  3. wow!

  4. can some one tell me what's the cost for getting a 5 axis service like this, for example i want to mill a 1:3 size bike. ( on MDF or wood )

  5. I'm sure they just loaded the program, pushed the green button and walked away

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