This video is for the Concord Kids – a group of 5th grade students studying STEM! And, of course, it’s for anyone to serve as a basic beginners guide to a manual milling machine (Bridgeport) and a computer controlled CNC Milling machine 
Their teacher, Dan, email saying a video on milling basics would really help the kids understand some of the work they are studying. I love helping kids and would encourage everyone to reach out to any number of local programs – STEM, FIRST Robotics – anything to help increase interest and passion for engineering in our youth!

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  1. We have 2 bridgeports which we are not allowed to use in college as they are so old they can't guard them is a shame as I would love to do some work on them. We also have cnc mills and lathes but have never used them which is annoying as would love to use them for personal projects and I hope to get a job as a machinist.

  2. Thank you so much! This short little video helps alot!!

  3. How long are the shifts machinists usually work? I'm 19 and looking for a career but I'd prefer a job with shifts in the 8-9 hour range. A guy in the comments here said something about 12 hour shifts and I don't want to sound like a baby or lazy but I'm not sure if I could handle it.

  4. no lubricant? is it gonna damage the drill bit?

  5. i love this video, i know have different between milling manual and cnc so thank you very much sir, i have clear definition of milling machine .

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