The APC is an excellent quick, all-spherical profiling robotic. This chopping line can profile any conceivable 3D-profile (pipes, hole sections, HEA, HEB and IPE beams angle bar, T-bar). Kjellberg’s High Definition Plasma system mixed with a Staubli robotic that rotates across the materials supplies an unsurpassed chopping end result.

A extremely superior imaginative and prescient system allows the APC to measure the pipe, beam, hole part or different profile after which compensate the deviations within the materials, and subsequently regulate the robotic slicing paths to make sure good becoming.

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  1. Dear Kürsat, you could see the machine live in our shop. Come and visit us and we convince you of the machine's possibilities

  2. Böyle Bi Saçmalık Varmı Ya ! 2 Dk da yapılacak işi uzatmışta uzatmış, Maliyeti çok arttırmış.

  3. Dear pharfetcht,

    If you email your contact details to [email protected], i'll make sure you receive more information. 

  4. Wow amazing technology is growing so fast think how long it would have taken to do the 20 years ago let alone like 40+ years ago!Your machine is amazing!Id love to see the real thing.

  5. Thank you Kazantzidis,
    If you would like to see the APC live in action, you'll be more than welcome to visit our facility in NL!

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