Students learn how to use CAD and CAM software with CNC machines to make various parts for Middle Tennessee State University’s Engineering Technology, Experimental Vehicles.(Solar boat, Moonbuggy, SAE Formula, SAE Baja, and Formula Hybrid competitions.)

5 Responses to CNC Machining a Brake Disk for SAE Formula Car
  1. how long does it take to cut a 1" thick 7" diameter circle?

  2. what is this material?

  3. nice time lapse, good ole bridgeport retrofit does the job again

  4. Don't you wish it really cut that fast? 🙂
    Looks very similar to my machine… I have a Wells Index 820 (1987 Model) it's in storage in St Louis right now… working to get it here in Austin. I love doing that kind of stuff. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Nice job. I like the 4 relief cuts you used when doing the outside profile so you could easily deal with the cut off stock. SAE Formula is a great program. Have fun with it.

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