Had a customer job come in for a heat sink! Using a 4″ side cutter (e.g. slotting) cutter to do most of the work, then cleaning up with a 1/8″ end mill! Plus the usual shear hog, superfly, etc!

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34 Responses to CNC Machining a Heat Sink! 
  1. I'm sorry, from the start how do you know if it straight, parallel in the vice?

  2. In my humble opinion you are cooling the saw only on the topside, therefore there is a heat difference between top and bottom. You can also see that the aluminium sticks thikker to the bottom then too the top. If you use double sided coolent then you will not have to stand by with your airgun. Preferable full flooded coolant. Going so deep into the work leaves a thin backside, this causes vibration, you can hear that very clearly. You have to backup the backside of the heatsink with a thick metal plate this also keeps the heat down. Nice video:)

  3. I would recommend a slower feed and using lubricant instead of straight coolant. Cute little boy!

  4. How about setting the block up 1.4 degrees via sine plate to get a necessary taper on the fins. Others pointed too, the larger circumference of the saw makes for much greater collection of cut 'sticky' material until clearing same material. Darn good looking part though.

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