Tormach PCNC 1100! Tormach PSG! Emco V13 Lathe! Solidworks! Sprutcam!

A buyer had a worn-out aluminum bracket used to drive a crank arm off a motor. Using the Tormach PCNC 1100, the Tormach Personal Surface Grinder and Emco V13 lathe, we made a a lot stronger alternative bracket embrace a customized shoulder bolt to accommodate the truth that the bracket couldn’t be expanded on the left hand aspect because of machine clearance!

A good instance of balancing an improved design, delight of workmanship but in addition getting it executed effectively!

The Haimer Zero-Master probe used to seek out work peak may be bought 。

24 Responses to CNC Machining  Bracket with Tormach PCNC Mill 
  1. I'm in ohio and I'm looking for a mold for rc parts could you guys help?

  2. What's the purpose of spotting before you drill?

  3. hey would you machine me a chain ring for my electric vehicle i build?if so pls offer me your emailaddress. thx!

  4. +NYC CNC nice video man, your success is inspirational. I've just got my first CNC mill and hope to have the same sort of story as you. heres a vid of my machine doing a test cut:

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