GrabCAD could also be the perfect web site you’ve got by no means heard of. A huge repository of free CAD fashions and a tremendous solution to study CAD or assist construct tasks!

This half is a request from a buyer. It’s a SolidWorks GrabCAD file which is much more highly effective as we will stroll via the elements design.

In our typical 1-2-3 punch, we will take a look at the SolidWorks CAD, then prepare dinner up some toolpaths with SprutCAM after which machine on the Tormach PCNC 1100 Mill!

25 Responses to CNC Machining GrabCAD Free Split Clamp 
  1. That was an excellent video!

  2. Hi John,

    Just a curious question, not that I know anything about milling and CNC work, but it seems you always climb milling rather than conventional. Is there a reason not to mill against rotation of the mill? Truly not a criticism, I really don't know. 

    Love watching your videos, I get to see machines I could never use.

    thanks for sharing,


  3. No machining video is complete without a dog trick to wrap it up!  Another excellent video, as always! Thanks again!

  4. Being a rookie I'd be thrilled with "only a little mistake". I think my dog thinks that "oops!" is his name (that and dammit). Just finished my DIY homebuilt CnC router and now I'm working out the bugs. Looks like it's gonna take a while. Love the vids!

  5. What was the tool you put in the machine before you tapped the hole? Does it have some sort of preload spring?

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