GrabCAD could also be the perfect web site you’ve got by no means heard of. A huge repository of free CAD fashions and a tremendous solution to study CAD or assist construct tasks!

This half is a request from a buyer. It’s a SolidWorks GrabCAD file which is much more highly effective as we will stroll via the elements design.

In our typical 1-2-3 punch, we will take a look at the SolidWorks CAD, then prepare dinner up some toolpaths with SprutCAM after which machine on the Tormach PCNC 1100 Mill!


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  1. Man John thank you so much for these videos. Very interesting stuff here! Thank you again!

  2. Hey John, more good videos. Your multi-parters are always posting in reverse order in my feed though, and I think this is probably because you've scheduled them all to launch at the same time. Suggested delaying the parts by a minute each so they always pop in the right order.


  3. I recommend using "widget 25" instead of "WW 25". Its a little easier to get, and ww has come to represent world war.

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