Creative, dependable, environment friendly fixturing could make-or-break a elements run or perhaps a machine store’s backside line. Quickly working up CAM and M-Code to CNC Machine an element that’s “self-fixturing” and doesn’t use a vise is a win in my books.

This Three Part Wednesday Widget does simply that: a 1/8″ thick, 2.seventy five” OD spherical machined wheel wants machining each inside alongside its outdoors diameter. Sure, you might drill the middle gap in a primary operation after which end in a second operation, however let’s do it multi functional operation! Better but, let’s use SolidWorks and SprutCAM to simply create fixturing tabs! We’ll then mix these
tabs in with a scotchbrite wheel!

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  1. To get the arc-points to be the same height I would, and this is my personal preference, preface the arc by drawing a horizontal construction line and then while making the arc just snapping the points to that.

  2. Your arc endpoint conundrum: select both end points of the arc (via ctrl key) and a sketch constraints window will appear on either the lefthand screen or by your cursor. One of those constraint options will be "horizontal." This sets both points to be at the same horizontal (y-axis) height. Viola!

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