Creative, dependable, environment friendly fixturing could make-or-break a elements run or perhaps a machine store’s backside line. Quickly working up CAM and M-Code to CNC Machine an element that’s “self-fixturing” and doesn’t use a vise is a win in my books.

This Three Part Wednesday Widget does simply that: a 1/8″ thick, 2.seventy five” OD spherical machined wheel wants machining each inside alongside its outdoors diameter. Sure, you would drill the middle gap in a primary operation after which end in a second operation, however let’s do it multi functional operation! Better but, let’s use SolidWorks and SprutCAM to simply create fixturing tabs! We’ll then mix these
tabs in with a scotchbrite wheel!

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  1. Maybe I missed it. Does spurtcam not give an option for tab thickness? In other words, is your only option to create a tab at the full thickness of the part?

  2. It's funny, although the 1/8" stock was flat it looks like that quick fixture wasn't. OK, I guess that isn't really that funny.

  3. Damn John, take care of your knuckles! 16:58

  4. great video john! I would recommend making a permanent fixture for that part or at the very least drill and tap some holes in 2 or more of the 4 cut outs so you can place a secondary clamp and run a finish pass at full depth eliminating the tabs all together.

  5. Is there something like a tool life in hours or something like that? I mean, for example the finishing tool starts to wear, but you cannot notice that with bare eyes – then you can end up with slightly bigger part. Or my question is stupid. :)

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