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  1. what have you made with this machine?

  2. Something you may be interested in — A neat and easy to set X Y and Z to ZERO based on the part. Works like a z zero touch plate. I have it set up on mine using only the aluminum angle. Works fantastic!

    buildyourtools.com — In the tutorials section look for Auto Zero Method Using Mach 3.

    Read all the sections paying especially close attention about the DRO setting in some versions of Mach 3 is handled in the bit of code provided.. This has to do with the way the DROs are accessed in different versions. Two complete codes are listed. While they look alike at first glance but they are not. If on dosent work for you, try the other.

    This line in both you may need to change to the measured value of how thick your angle is. —- Call SetOEMDRO(Zaxis DRO, .180) — the .180 is the angle thickness, change as required. Mine is .195 measured with a micrometer. .

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  4. Excellent vids Robert – thanks for taking the time and showing everyone interested in these kits what to expect. Allot of issues with this kit so I will think twice about going with this manufacturer – but the price looks good over all for what you get in materials. Our Cdn$ is too off right now at 1.35 so it will have to wait.Again – thx for sharing and teaching!Cheers, Patrick

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