Follow together with us as we create 3D indicators utilizing a easy repeatable workflow to go from idea to actual check in lower than a hour. We will probably be utilizing a 3D modeling software, Fusion 360, to create line artwork and Vectric VCarve PRO to simply flip that into g-code/toolpaths for our Benchtop PRO Ready-to-Assemble CNC Machine.

5 Responses to Design and Make 3D Edge-lit Signs on your CNC Router Parts Machine Kit
  1. thanks for share, bro

  2. Dose each cnc machine has different running software
    Or we can run our project through one software for all kind of router cnc?

  3. One of the best tutorials i have watched in a long time, clear and concise, with exactly the right amount of information that any level of student would be able to follow, thank you, looking forward to watching many more

  4. Very cool.

  5. Cool vid. Does VCarve do 3d surfacing along with 2.5d?

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