I’m slicing the “thriller half” in 2mm aluminum this time. The slicing you see is the 2nd run. I did not set the Z appropriately on the primary run and it left method an excessive amount of materials to wash up. The 2nd attempt was a winner.

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  1. What is the spindle motor? (router -rotorzip). Also the type of bits that u r using.
    You have done a very gud job with ur machine. KEEP IT UP.



  2. Ok, I use CamBam it does enough for what I need, but haven't used any other software so can't compare.

  3. That would be one way to do it. I don't think my CAM software does tabs but I'm sure I could make some. I have gone to using screws for the meantime. New video uploading now. Thanks

  4. Forgive me if I'm being stupid here, I've only machined wood using my machine, but I normally over cut but set several tabs in the tool path to retain any waste. That way it's only a small amount of work post process. Although I suppose if you want to make quantity that would be too much work, in which case what felderup suggests sounds like your best option, then you don't have to worry about tape either.

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