Non-ferrous metallic machining is among the biggest strengths of AXYZ Internationals CNC Routers. Our machines are utilized by number of manufacturing companies that want machined elements from aluminium, copper or brass. These clients embrace mould makers, automotive element producers, aerospace element producers, show producers, and a variety of different corporations.

Configure an AXYZ Router to fit your wants. A typical configuration for a metallic fabrication software will embrace a 5 or 10 HP Automatic Tool Change system, Unist excessive efficiency misting system for cooling and lubricating throughout machining, a vacuum maintain down system with excessive efficiency excessive strain pump and pop-up location pins for straightforward materials location. Other in style choices embrace a Desoutter drilling head.

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  1. Hi Dennis, Thanks for your questions.

    We used a 6mm Belin tool single flute to do a rough cut at aprox 1m/min cutting to a depth of 3mm per pass. The finishing cut removed 0.2mm at 0.8m/min using the same tool. To finish the surface of the centre pocket we used a twin flute Belin tool. Cutting oil was used to lubricate throughout. 

  2. Feed, speed, type of bit, lubrication?, depth per pass would be useful information

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