13 Responses to Power Drawbar for CNC milling machine 
  1. Hi Arek

    Great work.
    Please post a video of it in action when you can.



  2. Hi, fantastic work. I am looking forward to part 2.

    Can you show how you stacked the air cylinders? That would be really helpful for my own Power Drawbar design. Hi from DownUnder…

  3. Come on mate part 2? A weekly vid would be super. 

  4. quality videos good editing well done looking forward to your new videos 

  5. G'day mate, thanks for subscribing to my channel recently.  I just sub'd you back.
    Hey man, awesome video and design work.  Damn, I'm impressed.  Can't wait to see your power draw bar in operation.  Cheers, Aaron (Melb, Aust).

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