To repair a damaged folding arm desk lamp, I have to make an element. The inventory materials is 3/4″ thick aluminum. I haven’t any means of milling it all through as a result of I do not have endmills with enough size of reduce. So the half is made by milling from each side. Of course the alignment is necessary…

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  1. Very nice…..!!

     You might want to bump your cut speed up a bit though . I cut Aluminum at about 5500 – 6500 rpm with a 0.125 – 0.250 3 flute high helix aluminum bit .

  2. Nice fix. If I had a sherline cnc mill I think I would hook a small shop vac nozzle to the head positioned near the cutter so that it would suck out the chips as I machined. I'd probably run 1/2" or 3/4" loc-line at the end near the cutter.

  3. what is X,Y velocity?

  4. I have a  sherline cnc mill full pc package (like brand new) with 4th axis (never used it). used it maybe 3-4 times. I guess I don't have the patients, I would have tossed the considering selling the cnc mill if anyone is interested though

  5. Really neat ,im getting into cnc looking at sherline machines have a few questions if you have a min,thanks ,,larry

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