This video is about CNC machining a Soccer Ball. This CNC machining check was carried out by OneCNC Research Department as an train to utterly check the accuracy of an total system. The Research division may have machined this half on a lathe however particularly selected to make the soccer ball utilizing a 5 axis machining centre to check the accuracy of the OneCNC database by creating segments after which copying and rotating them concerning the axis to type a soccer ball. The mannequin was created from hexagonal and pentagon segments elements to type an entire ball then CNC machined to show general the machining accuracy which additionally included machining the grooves between the segments as a part of the end toolpath. The accomplished CNC machined soccer ball as machined was then examined and confirmed to be throughout the accuracy of .004 mm. from the preliminary design form. The unique machining tolerance was .004 mm as set within the toolpath creation.

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  1. what was the total cycle time?

  2. I wonder to CYCLE TIME of cutting processing

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