The CNC Build

On January 1st, 2017, posted in: cnc machining services china by 42 Comments

The design for my CNC machine is predicated on my pal Jonah’s construct which is predicated on “Joe’s Design.” The primary construction is created from eighty/20 aluminum extrusions. The x and y-axis transfer on rack and pinion gears and the z-axis strikes on a screw drive. I constructed the construction from scratch and purchased the motor mounts and z-axis as kits.

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  1. Hi . Frank can tell me where you bought the materials to make your cnc ok I hope your answer greetings

  2. superb job!

  3. I have a cncrouterparts kit and I have some trouble with my rack and pinion set up. My rack is a bit loose and sometimes it moves off a bit while cutting thick materials. I wonder if your pinion doesn't get affected by the friction of using it against the mounting plate.

  4. Awesome build Frank!

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