Wet Blasting 6061 CNC aluminum elements is a standard software when the client wants a constant floor end whereas getting ready the half for a secondary coating operation. Where different processes akin to vibratory ending and sand blasting fall brief moist blasting excels in the truth that a good and constant end might be achieved by the circulate of hundreds of tiny abrasive particles suspended in water travelling throughout the half floor. This course of demonstrates how a guide moist blast system can significantly enhance half finishes whereas supplying you with the pliability to course of different elements of various measurement and materials varieties. Please comply with the hyperlink above at this time to study extra about how moist blasting may also help you blast forward of your competitors.

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  1. I vapor blasted some aluminium parts with aluminium oxide. I wiped it clean and left it to dry. Later on I found black rust like spots all over the part. Have you seen this effect before, any special way to avoid this?

  2. it was interesting to know that media can be mixed to get the desired result. thank you!

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